Buffered 3D Accelerometer

Tri axis +/- 3g sensing

On board regulator

Price: $50.60 (Incl. GST)



The DE-ACCM3D is the most advanced analog accelerometer solution to date, featuring a triple axis 3g accelerometer chip. It also has integrated op amp buffers for direct connection to a microcontroller's analog inputs, or for driving heavier loads.

The ACCM3D has an onboard 3.3V LDO regulator, allowing you to power the board with 3.5V to 15V sources. You can also use this regulator to power an external microcontroller with up to 50mA. For operation as low as 2.0V, you can bypass the voltage regulator and choose your own operating voltage.

It is designed to fit in the DIP-16 form factor, making the DE-ACCM3D suitable for breadboarding, perfboarding, and insertion into standard chip sockets. To keep things as simple as possible, there are only 5 pins - two for power, and three for the X, Y and Z analog outputs.

Additional circuitry ensures that the product won't be damaged by reversed power connections.

* Tri axis 3g sensing
* 333mV/g sensitivity at 3.3V
* 500Hz bandwidth
* Accurately drives up to a 500 ohm load
* 3.5V to 15V input using onboard regulator
* 2.0V to 3.6V input bypassing the regulator
* Draws only 0.9mA!

Protective Features:
* Reverse voltage protection
* Output short protection

* Motion, tilt and slope measurement
* Shock sensing
* Position sensing

DE-ACCM3D Datasheet