Dual PWM Driver for OOPic™

Control motors up to 3A.

Price: $121.00 (Incl. GST)



* Plug and Play for no solder operation.
* Dual independent PWM Drivers designed for DC permanent magnet motors, incandescent lamps, solenoids, resistance heaters etc...
* This unit operates on 12-55 Volts DC with drive current up to 3 Amps continuous per channel.
* These units also include joystick port that utilizes standard PC style joysticks.
* This unit also includes pass through connector for connecting other accessories to the system.

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Logic Status Indicator for OOPic™

Monitor the logic levels of pins on:


Basic Stamp II™

Basic X™


Price: $77.00 (Incl. GST)



* "Plug and Play" Logic Status Module for OOPic, OOPic II, OOPic II-C, Basic Stamp 24 and BasicX.
* An invaluable tool that you should not be without.
* Allows simultaneous display of all 31 I/O lines and doubles as a carrier board for 24 pin processors.
* Features include Low current consumption and Sunlight readable LED's for battery power, Pass-Thru design for troubleshooting code or hardware, serial I/O-programming port for 24 pin processors.
* Interface 24 Pin processors to OOPic 40 Pin standard.

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