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Construction blog: February 2nd 2005

Wired power and I2C to most of the modules.
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Close up of the sonar module and associated wiring.

Please excuse the mess... its er, a work in progress :)

The whole thing put together.

...from a slightly different angle.

PMM (Power Management Module) This correctly reports back (via the oap-power
util) the current battery state, external power and if the docking switches are closed.

HCM (Head Control Module) This happily controls pan/tilt of the 2 servos. I dont
have the heat sensor yet, but I would assume its working to. I did notice however
that if you leave the servos activated they tend to jitter quite a bit. This can
be overcome by disabling them after the move command. My only hope is that
they have enough resistance to hold up the cameras without power applied.

SAM (Sonar Array Module) this module seems to have a short somewhere on the
I2C bus. If its connected to the bus, the EPIA wont boot. I only had time to put
the meter on the i2c connectors and it appears that the clock line is permanently
tied to ground. Ill look into this more tonight...

MCM (Motor Control Module) This module refuses to respond to any i2c
commands. Im going to reprogram the PIC tonight, so fingers crossed.

UPDATE: 3rd Feb 2005
Fixed the problem with the Sonary Array Module (SAM). Turns out the 0.2
version of the PCB has the I2C data pin too close to the GND line and
the etching didn't seperate the tracks properly. Two minutes with a
knife and the module is working properly.
Now I just need to find out whats wrong with the MCM...

UPDATE: 10th March 2005
PMM working.
HCM working.
SAM working.
MCM working.
Last night, my driod drove its first few steps. Albeit under command line control by
me via a wireless SSH telnet session - but its a start! I now have all the modules
to enable my robot to become autonomous.

I have also added the Devantech TPA81 heat sensor module. My source code for the
interface can be found at the OAP wiki under code tidbits.

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