12 Volt Robot Drive System RD01

Controller, motors, encoders, mounting brackets and tyres.

As this is a heavy item postage will be $11.30.

Price: $275.00 (Incl. GST)



A complete Robot Drive system, ready to integrate into your robot, comprising of an MD23 motor drive module, two EMG30 gearmotors with encoders, two mounting brackets, two 100mm wheels with hubs already fitted. Screws to fit the motors to the brackets and a hex key for the hub screw is included.

Only a single 12v battery capable of supplying peak current of 6Amps is required to power the system. Power for the logic comes from an on-board 5v regulator which is also capable of supply up to 300mA to your own circuits.

Full controller (MD23) technical docs
Gear motor (EMG30) specification

Also available individually:

MD23 dual h-bridge motor controller
EMG30 gear motor with encoder $66.00 (each)
EMG30 mounting bracket $9.90 (each)
100mm Wheel with 5mm hub $25.00 (each)