20 Channel RC Servo Driver SD20

A pre-programmed PIC16F872 which can drive up to 20 standard servo's via the I2C bus. Comes complete with 8MHz three terminal ceramic resonator.

Price: $26.40 (Incl. GST)



Easy I2C bus control, same protocol as popular EEPROM's such as 24C02.
Position Control of up to 20 Servo's.
Servo's inactive at power up until first position sent to it.
Scan time is 20mS minimum, then proportional to the total number of servo's used.
Buffer can be read as well as written saving valuable memory resources on small controllers.
Standard mode - 256 bit resolution from 1mS to 2mS.
Expanded mode - Allows pulse to exceed 1mS to 2mS range for greater movement.
0.5uS Timer produces jitter free outputs.
Size - 113mm x 52mm x 30mm.

Full technical docs