Text-To-Speech Synthesizer SP03

Add speech to your robot!

Price: $145.20 (Incl. GST)



Voltage - 5v only required.
Current - 35mA Standby, 60-100mA Speaking.
Synthesizer - Winbond WTS701EM/T.
Control 1 - RS232 interface to PC (38400 baud).
Control 2 - I2C interface for easy wiring to Micro-controller.
Control 3 - 5 pin parallel input port.
Stored Speech - 30 phrases with up to 1925 total characters.
Text to Speech - Unlimited via RS232 or I2C interfaces.
Speaker - 40mm Speaker built in.
Amplifier - 325mW LM386 on-board.
Small Size - 40mm x 40mm excluding connectors.

Full technical docs
Example code

Reverse side of the module contains a speaker.