SpeakJet - Voice and complex sound synthesizer

Preconfigured with 72 speech allophones

Price: $49.50 (Incl. GST)



72 speech allophones.
43 sound effects.
12 DTMF touch tones.
Trigger events via any of its 8 input line; or
Control via a single I/O line from a Microcontroller.
64 byte internal buffer.
Internal programmable EEPROM.
3 Programmable outputs.
Direct access to internal five channel sound synthesizer.

SpeakJet Manual
SpeakJet sample dictionary

Sample Sounds:
Blast Off
Blast Off Deep
Red Alert
Touch Tone (DTMF)
Bio Sounds

SpeakJet Activity Center

Development board for experimenting and developing applications around the SpeakJet™.

Exploits all of the SpeakJet™ capabilities.

Price: $110.00 (Incl. GST)



An All In One board with:
* RS232 connection for external computers.
* Socket for optional On-board micro-controller such as OOPic-C, Basic Stamp, etc.
* Amplifier with volume control for driving small to medium sized speakers.
* On-Board voltage regulator for wide input power options.
* 8 Event Input Buttons w/color coded keys.
* 11 Status LEDs.
* Output connectors for driving external devices.

PLEASE NOTE: The activity center does NOT come with a SpeakJet chip, you must purchase this seperately.

Activity Center Schematic