Serial Data Module uMMC

Add large amounts of removable storage.

MMC/SD card not included.

Price: $64.90 (Incl. GST)



The uMMC (µMMC or "micro MMC") is a small footprint data storage solution for rapid integration of FAT16 and FAT32 SD/MMC flash memory card storage. Now you can have all the convenience of the data storage from the popular flash cards available to your products.

Using the serial interface on the uMMC, you can read from and write data to SD/MMC cards in FAT16/FAT32 format, permitting access to any size of card commercially available (32MB to 2GB and beyond).

The serial interface is easy to use from both simple and advanced processors, so you can easily add large storage capacity to your next design.

You can organize your data into directories/folders as well as name the files how you wish. The card can be accessed by any other devices that support SD/MMC cards.

Firmware can be updated through the serial port.


Simple serial control interface (non-inverted)
9600 bps to 115200 bps
3 to 5 volt operating range
Low power operation - less than 40mA @ 5V during file write - less than 10mA @ 5V idle
Small module footprint (2.5" x 2") with mounting holes
FAT16 and FAT32 compatible - 32MB to 2GB and beyond
Read and write data files
Easily interfaced with any microcontroller (PIC, AVR, 8051, etc.)
Supports MMC (Multi-Media Card) and SD (Secure Digital) cards
Perfect for data acquisition and portable data applications

PLEASE NOTE: Does not include MMC or SD card.

Download technical docs and firmware from Rogue Robotics.